1st & 2nd movements of Sonata in E major (BWV1035) - fl & pno/ fl.2

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BACH, Johann Sebastian (1685 - 1750)
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  • Contents: (1) Adagio ma non tanto (2) Allegro
  • Instrumentation: flute & piano /or flutes 1 & 2
  • Difficulty Level: advanced [ UK grade 8 ]
  • Duration: (1) 2:00 (2) 3:45" [approx]
  • Arranger: R. Trubger
  • Genre: Baroque
  • Format: Printed Book or digital PDF
  • Extras: mp3 play-alongs [4 MB]

Impress your friends with these pieces - they will think that the 1st movement looks really hard (whisper: but it is not really! it's just sort of humming music). By contrast, the 2nd movement will get your fingers and tongue moving - it is lively, fun and very rewarding to play.

these two movements from the Sonata in E-dur / E major by Bach (BWV1067) are frequently featured in the exam syllabus for grade 8.

The included flute duet* is the special feature of this edition, allowing the work to be performed by 2 equal flutes with or without a piano.

*in the duet version, flute 1 has the complete flute solo, while the accompaniment is compressed into a single line for the flute 2.