BIRDS (larks, linnets, robins) duets for piccolos (or 2 equal instruments)

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SCARLATTI, Domenico (1683 - 1757) arr. Trubger
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  • Instrumentation: 2 piccolos (or flutes)
  • Contents: (1) Larks, (2) Linnets, (3) Robins
  • Difficulty Level: intermediate or above [ UK grade 5 +]
  • Genre: Baroque
  • arranger: Roz Trubger
  • Format: Printed Book of sheet music or PDF edition [11 pages]
  • FREE online rehearsal play-along: (opens in Soundcloud)

 Three lively pieces that make very rewarding duet playing. Written for piccolos but suitable also for a range of other instruments.
A good choice for A level or GCSE music or other exam ensembles.

(samples of all 3 duets)