Pojdem na Prejo - 2 piccolos & piano

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GERBIC, Fran (1840 - 1917)
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  • Instrumentation: 2 piccolos, piano
  • Difficulty Level: upper intermediate or advanced [ UK grade 6 - 8 ]
  • Duration: 2:30" ca.
  • Genre: Romantic
  • Arranger: R. Trubger
  • Format: Printed Book or digital PDF [11 pages]
  • Free: rehearsal online play-along (opens in Soundcloud)

The piccolos and piano imitate spinning wheels in lyrical, cascading passages.

Fran Gerbic was a Slovenian composer, from the region where we have our European office. The area [not far from the capital, Ljubljana] is characterised by tall, rolling hills roamed by bears, wolves and lynx. The music school in Cerknica is named after this important composer and this edition was created to celebrate the 1st European Piccolo festival in Slovenia [2011].