Hjertesorg (song cycle) - vocal score

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KJERULF, Halfdan (1815 - 1868)
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  • Vocal Range: rangehjertesorg.jpg
  • Genre: Norwegian c.19th
  • Format: Printed Book or digital PDF [55 pages]
  • Language: German, Norwegian/Danish & trans.English
  • Devised and translated: R. Trubger
  • Duration: 30:00

Hjertesorg is a selection of eleven Romanser (art songs) composed by Kjerulf, selected by Rosalind Trubger, to create a work illustrating the doomed love affair of Halfdan Kjerulf and his student, Marie Garben from its happy beginning to its melancholy ending. The song cycle comprises nine solos and two duets, requiring two soloists, a soprano and a tenor /high baritone. (although it would be possible to perform the work with just one soloist and omitting the two duets). Kjerulf composed using texts in several languages, and so to symbolise the misunderstanding that occurred between Marie and Halfdan, the songs for ‘Him’ have Danish Norwegian texts, whilst all 'Her' songs are sung in German, apart from ‘Synnøves Sang’ which has a Norwegian text and stands as a pivotal moment in the work.

Faithful English translations* are given for all songs, closely following the original patterns of rhyme and meter, so that they can be used for performance with /or instead of either of the original languages. All the songs are retained in the original keys**.
Hjertesorg for voices with full orchestra is available also (orchestration by Roz Trubger) and is dedicated to the memory of Nils Grinde (1927 - 2012), who dedicated 50 years of his life to the research and editing of Kjerulf's life and music.

* Poems by British poets (Burns, Byron, Moore and Hemans) are reverted to the original English words wherever possible.

** singers requiring higher or lower editions of the score, or bass clef should contact Roz.


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