Pizzicato Pierrette - piccolo duet (or solo) & piano.

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GENNIN, Jean (1886 - 1962)
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  • Instrumentation: 2 piccolos (or piccolo solo), piano
  • Difficulty Level: high intermediate [ UK grade 6 -7 ]
  • Duration: 4:30" ca.
  • Genre: Light music
  • Piano reduction: R. Trubger
  • Format: Printed Book or digital PDF [16 pages]
  • Extra: mp3 digital download play-alongs [6.7MB]
  • Free: Online Rehearsal Playalong (opens in Soundcloud)

A little easier to play than some other works by Jean Gennin but just as much fun! And a first edition of this work [made available thanks to Bournemouth Library]. 2 piccolo parts are included plus a 3rd part for anyone wishing to play it as a solo, instead of as a duet. As you can see in the notes below, both version are equally original.

Notes: Pizzicato Pierrette was composed originally as a work for solo piccolo accompanied by pizzicato strings with the title Pizzicato Terpe. But Jean Gennin subsequently revised it as a composition for 2 piccolos and altered its title to include his brothers name. It was recorded by Jean and Pierre Gennin with the Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra under the baton of Sir Dan Godfrey in Bournemouth in January 1930 for the Columbia label [Columbia 261]. Jean and Pierre were two of the early stars of British Broadcasting with their performances of Jean's works. They were for many years the flute section of the Bournemouth Orchestra and and enormously popular with audiences. Entertainers par excellence, they always included visual entertainment, such as staging mock sword fights with their flutes during bars rest!

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