3 Duette (Kinkel opus 12) female voices / girls choir & piano.

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KINKEL, Johanna (1810 - 1858)
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  • Vocal Range: rangeduets.jpg
  • Genre: Romantic (c.1840)
  • Format: Printed Vocal Score /or PDF digital download[27 pages]
  • Extra: 3 piano accompaniment sing-along tracks
1.  Die Fischerkinder   (The Fisherman's children) 
Mueller, C.W. - a poignant tale of children who drift out to sea.
2.  Der SommerAbend  (Summer Evening) Mueller, C.W. - a lovely depiction of a warm summer evening that turns into a starry night.
3.  Nachtgesang  (Nocturne) 
Goethe, J.W. - a lover serenades 'Sleep Well'.





These Three Duets were written probably in 1840 when Johanna was living and working in Bonn as a music teacher. They are dedicated to two of her pupils, Adele and Emily Thormann. Perhaps the watery subject of the first duet was inspired by her own 'watery' experience in that year when Gottfried Kinkel [her husband from 1843] rescued her from a boating accident on the river Rhine!
Sing them with the original German words or with the faithful and sing-able English translations by Roz Trubger.

[computer generated samples of the 3 songs)

Longer samples available here [opens in Soundcloud]

Johanna Kinkel (also Mathieux, Mockel) made her mark in the worlds of both music and literature and her life makes a fascinating story.  Born in Bonn, her childhood music studies were with Beethoven’s teacher. As an adult, she was a friend of Fanny Mendelssohn and Karl Marx. She got caught up in the revolutionary events of 1849 and emigrated to London after helping her husband escape from Spandau prison. Her short life ended tragically when she fell from her bedroom window near Paddington station.