Norwegian Melodies (Grieg & Kjerulf) arr. Alto flute & piano

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KJERULF, H. (1815 - 1868) GRIEG, E. (1843 - 1907)
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  • Instrumentation: alto flute & piano
  • Contents: (1) Synnøves Song (2) Solvejgs Song
  • Difficulty Level: intermediate and above [ playable from UK grade 4]
  • Duration: ca. (1) 1:45" (2) 3:45"
  • arranger: Roz Trubger
  • Genre: Norwegian
  • Format: Printed Book or digital PDF download [8 pp]
  • Extras: mp3 digital download play-along [2.5 - 5 MB]

Moving and poignant, some of the most haunting and beautiful music ever written. Both melodies have Norwegian folk music at their heart - Synnøves Song (Synnøves Sang) by Kjerulf and Solveig's Song by Grieg - and both feature a woman waiting for her lover's return.

For the recordings and play-alongs, Synnøves Song has an orchestration by Roz Trubger, and Sovejg's song has the original orchestration by Grieg.

Halfdan Kjerulf was the first composer in Norway to incorporate nationalistic elements into his music, and he heavily influenced the style of Edvard Grieg.