Cassiopeia (2011) for 2 flutes & piano

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RABADAN, Marin (b. 1978)
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  • Instrumentation: 2 flutes, piano
  • Difficulty Level: advanced [ UK grade 8 ]
  • Duration: ca. 8:00"
  • Genre: contemporary
  • Format: Printed Edition or digital PDF download [27 pages]
  • Free audio performance: (opens in Soundcloud)

Star in this beautiful and moving musical depiction of the Greek myth by the contemporary Croatian composer, Marin Rabadan. In a series of linked musical pictures, he tells the story of Cassiopeia who is vain and boasts about her beauty until Poseidon, the sea god, sends a monster to kill her. Cassiopeia tries to save herself by giving her daughter, Andromeda, as a sacrifice. Perseus rescues the girl and is on the point of marrying her when another suitor arrives. A battle ensues which Perseus wins by holding up the head of Medusa and turning everyone to stone. Cassiopeia's punishment is to be seated forever on a chair among the stars.

Marin Rabadan was born in 1978 in Split, Croatia. He is a trombone player with a Master's degree from Zagreb University of Music and is a member of the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra. His hobby is astronomy.