Eight Little Duets (for intermediate or advanced flute players)

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RIBAS, José Maria del Carmen [1796 - 1861]
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  • Instrumentation: 2 flutes
  • Difficulty Level: intermediate - advanced [ UK grade 5 - 8]
  • Genre: Romantic
  • Format: Printed Book of sheet music or PDF edition [24 pages]

Selected for their fun-to-play quality by Roz Trubger from the original book of 18 duettinos, these duets are a delight to play, and show all the hallmarks of having been written by a flute player.

A contemporary of the flautists Drouet and Nicholson, Ribas was born in Spain in the Castilian city, Burgos. As well as playing flute and oboe, his first profession was that of a clarinet player in a regimental band as a clarinet player. He was taken prisoner by the French, rescued by the British, and served under Wellington at the Battle of Toulouse. In 1825, as a result of upsetting local officials, he moved to London where he established himself as the leading flute player of his day.  At the age of 49, he married the 17 year old daughter of his flutemaker, Robert Scott, and lived in Cheltenham. Six years later, in 1851 he resigned from his London flute positions and returned to Portugal with his wife, who was introduced by him as 'his student' when they performed together in concerts.