Symphony ( Sinfonia) no. 2 in E flat (minor mi Bem]

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SGAMBATI, Giovanni (1841 - 1914)
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This symphony is a fine work with an individual voice, blending German structures and Italian lyricism. Giovanni Sgambati was born and lived in Rome (Italy) midway between the lives of the opera giants, Verdi and Puccini, but he did not compose any opera.

The Symphony no. 2 was never published or fully performed in the composer's lifetime and, during the course of the c.20th, the full score was lost. The symphony was forgotten until Roz Trubger reconstructed a score, from the hand-written orchestral parts, and published the first edition in 2006.  This was followed five years later, in 2011, by a second edition with a few revisions by Roz, published by Trubcher.
The symphony had its public world premiere in Rome on February 17th, 2014 [l'Orchestra di Roma, conducted by F. La Vecchia], and in September 2016 the symphony received another performance [Wuerttembergische Philharmonie, Reutlingen, conducted by Ola Rudner] which was broadcast on German radio.

  • Movements: (1) Andante sostenuto - Agitato (2) Allegro vivace assai (3) Andante con moto (4) Allegro
  • Orchestral Set: score & parts
  • Instrumentation: 3(d1)-3(d1)-3(d1)-2; 2-2-3-1; tmp; 2 hp; str
  • Duration: ca. (1) 12:00" (2) 7:45" (3) 11:00" (4) 10:10"
  • Genre: Romantic
  • reconstructed, edited and revised: R. Trubger

 Audio extracts from the CD of Symphony no.2 [Sinfonie 2 in bemoll] by Giovanni Sgambati performed by the Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen, conducted by Ola Rudner. Recording Label: CPO, DDD, 2015.

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