Goldfinch / il Cardellino Flute Concerto + extra fl.2

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VIVALDI, Antonio (1678 - 1741)
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  • Movements: (1) Allegro (2) Cantabile (3) Allegro
  • Instrumentation: flute & piano / flute and flute
  • Difficulty Level: advanced [ UK grade 7 ]
  • Duration: 4.30" + 2.30" + 3.00"
  • Genre: Baroque
  • Format: Printed Edition of sheet music or digital PDF download
  • Extras: mp3 rehearsal play-along tracks

Variously known as Il Cardellino [ Italian] or Il Gardellino [Venetian dialect] or The Goldfinch [English], the Concerto in D takes its name from the many trills and scales abounding in the first movement, that sound like the twittering song of the little bird.

Sheet music: 29 pp

contents: flute solo, piano part, flute duet version
the flute duet version comprises the flute solo plus an alternative accompaniment, that has been compressed into a single line for a second flute player.