Winter (The Four Seasons) arr. 4 flutes + alto flute

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VIVALDI, Antonio (1678 - 1741)
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      • Instrumentation: 4 fls, Afl.
      • Difficulty Level: intermediate [ UK grade 4 -5]
      • Genre: popular baroque
      • arr:  R. Trubger
      • Duration:  ca. 2:00"
      • Format: Printed Book of sheet music or PDF download [8 pp]
      • Free: online rehearsal play-along (opens in Soundcloud)
      • Extra: download the rehearsal track as an mp3 [4 MB]

Enduringly popular and perfect for a winter concert. This short and evocative slow movement from Winter of The Four Seasons makes a lovely and popular item for an end of year or winter concert.
Roz's notes: Vivaldi wrote the Four Seasons in 1725 with the specific intention of making a musical representation of the seasons. This well known and beautiful slow movement from the famous concerto suggests the tranquility of a snowy scene. It has been carefully arranged by me so that all members of the group have interesting parts to play.